Community Seder - April 20th,

7:30 pm


Audience Participation. Hebrew/English Haggadahs provided.

✦ Savor a Gourmet Dinner ✦ Hand baked "Shmurah" Matzah from Israel ✦ An array of wine.


We will also have an exclusive Young Adult Passover Seder on the first night (April 19th).

Join us for a Passover Seder Experience with a friendly and warm family spirit. 

Enjoy as the story of Exodus comes alive through mystical meanings and Kabbalistic insights, all explained through humor and melody by R. Mayshe Schwartz. Drink the 4 cups of wine - or grape juice, ask the 4 questions - or answer them, eat some hand made Shmura Matzah all the way from Israel, and a bit of horseradish to spice things up!

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