Boys ages 11-13


The Bar Mitzvah Woodworking club is designed specially for boys who are approaching that very special time in their life. Bar Mitzvah is not a “performance” or a time to be nervous about chanting and speaking in public and memorizing lines! That’s not what Bar Mitzvah is about. A Bar Mitzvah is more than a bar to pass; it is a time to recognize what it means to be a Jewish man and the responsibilities we have to ourselves, our religion, mankind and creation. 

BMW offers a focused curriculum that will help your son prepare for this monumental day. There are many specialized woodworking activities and hands-on projects to enable him to grasp the concepts we will cover. The anticipatory atmosphere of friends preparing for their special day together, is extraordinary and unique. The kids, (soon to be young men), approach their big day feeling confident and ready. 

The Chai Center's BMW club provides insight and understanding that go beyond Hebrew School basics that will help them better prepare for Bar Mitzvah. Our Bar Mitzvah Club gives the students the knowledge and spirit they need as they grow into young adults. Members enjoy a combination of learning and fun through regular meetings, interactive discussions on various Jewish topics, special programs and field trips, activities, and projects. This is all accomplished in a cheerful environment that makes the experience enjoyable and meaningful. They will learn the deeper meaning of becoming a Bar Mitzvah, a better understanding of the Torah & Mitzvot, Jewish leaders, the Mitzvot connected to Bar Mitzvah - Tefillin, Talit and Aliyah (being called up to the Torah) and Ahavat Yisroel (love and responsibility to others). These lessons will hopefully ignite in participants a love and pride in their Judaism and will help them define who they are as Jews.

At Chai Kidz, we take a unique approach to Bar Mitzvah training, regardless of where the celebration and service will be taking place. Our emphasis in preparing Bar Mitzvah boys is to foster an awareness that Bar Mitzvah is seen as the beginning, not the end


Thought Bar Mitzvah was all about endless hours memorizing some prayers? Think Again!

When & Where?
BMW meets once a month at the The Chai Center. Stay tuned for the full schedule and additional exclusive locations.

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