RSVP & Dedication Opportunities
All dedications of $360 or more includes 2 guests • All dedications $1,000 or more includes 5 guests

we're looking forward to join the 10 Year Celebration and Torah Dedication Event

Couple: $180

No. of Kids (Free)

YJP $50

$18 Letter
Endow a letter in honor or in memory of a loved one.

$54 Word
Endow a word in honor or memory of a loved one.

$180 Verse
Endow a verse in honor of your family or each member of the family.

$360 Aliya
Endow one Aliya of a Torah portion.

$1,000 Yad - SPONSORED
The beautiful Sterling Silver pointer prominently hung on the Torah. 

$3,600 Breast Plate
The beautiful Sterling Silver Breast Plate, will be prominently displayed on the Torah.

$36,000 Torah Scroll
Endow the entire Torah scroll.

we will not be able to attend in person, but we would like to support the work of The Chai Center and participate in the Torah Dedication

$1,000 Parsha (Weekly portion)
Endow a weekly Torah portion of significance by choosing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding anniversary.

Please select which portion(s) you
would like to endow:

Other Amount
Sponsor any amount towards the Torah writing.


$1,800 Mantel
The beautiful velvet Torah covering.

$5,400 Torah Crown
The beautiful Sterling Silver Crown will be promimently displayed above the Torah.

$5,400 Book of Torah
Endow one complete book of the Five Books of the Torah.

$1,800 Special Selections

Endow a “Special Selection” in the Torah for your family or friend. Each of these are of special significance in that they possess central themes of faith, carrying unique blessings and inspiration.

Aseres Hadibros
The Ten Commandments

Shema Yisrael
The portion of the Shema

Hamalach Hagoel
Blessings of Children

Ma Tovu
The blessing extolling Israel's attributes of harmony and modesty.

Birchat Kohanim
The Priestly Blessings

Shiras Hayam
The Song sung after the Splitting of the Sea

Vayehi Binsoa
Prayer recited at opening of Ark

Shiras Habe’er
The Song of the Well

The portion of the Manna – Blessings from Heaven

Chazak (5 available)
The final verse of each Book of Torah

Hashem Hashem
The 13 Attributes of Mercy

Special Selection of your choice:

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Checks can be made payable and mailed to Chai Center • 105 S. Paul Street • Brookline, MA 02446