The Tefillin Project is a community-based initiative, founded with the core value that all Jewish males should be able to exercise their birthright of owning and wearing their own Tefillin. Each of our founders has committed to sponsor at least one pair of Tefillin, as well as to encourage family and friends to do the same.

The Tefillin Project thanks the following founders for making this dream a reality:

• Mendel and Rivka Chein 

• Zevi Drizin

• Steve and Sigal Fishman

• Adam and Claudine Grossman

• Jerry and Holly Kampler

• Nathan and Amy Katz

• Dr. David B. Katzen

• Mendel Mangel

• Eli and Poly Neusner

• Adam and Jullie Ratner-Stauber

• Dr Nathan J. Rubin

• Eli and Cheryl Sanders

• Raphi and Yonit Schorr

• Mayshe and Shifra Schwartz 

• Rony and Sharon Shapiro

• Sammy and Reyna Simnegar
• Alan and Dava Singer