The Feast of Moshiach
A Mystical Seder 


On Passover we relive the exodus from Egypt. At the seder we tell the story of a band of slaves becoming a free and dignified people. A new nation.
That was then.
On the last day of Passover, we get a taste of the future. When there will be a different kind of freedom. A freedom for all mankind. From jealousy. Anger. Hate. Suffering. Pain. From all the things that make the world ugly. When there will be just dignity. And beauty. And peace.
This is now.
On the last day of Passover we rejoice for a better world. A world that has never been seen. A world that we can help create.
We also celebrate with a Special "*Moshiach Meal".  a festive gathering complete with four cups of wine, lots of matzah, songs and discussions based on the concept of Moshiach. How does one strengthen their faith? 
It's more of a kiddush style then a need for RSVP just show up 
and bring your friends.

Tuesday April 18th   
7:00 PM Mincha 
7:15 PM Seuda 
8:14 PM Maariv/Havdala
The Chai Center 
105 St Paul Street.

Leave your struggles at the door. Enter a room filled with joy. Optimism. Hope.
Become free. Taste the ultimate freedom. Don't miss out on these powerful days.

*Moshiach's Meal; The last day of Passover ("Acharon Shel Pesach") is particularly associated with Moshiach and the future redemption. The Haftarah (reading from the Prophets) for this day is from Isaiah 11, which describes the promised future era of universal peace and divine perfection. 
Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov instituted the custom of partaking in  a MYSTICAL Seder late on the 8th day calling it the "Feast of Moshiach"   On this final day of Passover, we strive for the highest level of freedom and focus on the Final Redemption.
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