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IS your education limited to your youthful days in Hebrew School?

DID you make it to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons-but “retired after that?

PERHAPS you did not get any formal Jewish Education…

If you are looking to know that basics of your heritage, traditions, culture and religion, this four part series is just for you!

HISTORY                                                                                                                            From Adam to Moses to Now!                                                                                       Wednesday November 23

PHILOSOPHY                                                                                                                    The basics and their contemporary relevance                                                          Wednesday November 30

MYSTICISM/KABBALAH                                                                                                   G‑d, Soul, The after Life, Jewish Spirituality in a nutshell                                                         Wednesday December 7

How to implement all of the above in your daily life                                                       Wednesday December 14

All classes will begin at 7:30pm                                                                                        at The Chai Center 105 St. Paul Street

Registration: $30 for the series l $10 per class


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