Young Adult Model Matzah Bakery

Adult Model Matzah.jpeg"Got Matzah?" 
Participate in a hands-on demonstration of the many steps entailed in making handmade "Shmura" Matzah for the Passover Seder using a recipe over 3000 years old. 

Learn about this age old custom and then you will be:  
~ Threshing natural wheat stalk 
~ Separating the wheat from the chaff.  
~ Crushing the brittle wheat 
~ Winnowing, or separate the whole wheat grains from the near weightless chaff on the spot.  
~ Grinding the wheat grain into flour rustic hand-driven millstones 
sifted and separated into fine flour, and wheat germ.  
~ Mixing the flour and water into Matzah dough.  
~ Rolling and riddling the dough full of holes with special Matzah perforators.  

Now, the matzot are rushed to the "brick" oven in the hope of baking the entire batch of Matzot in just 18 minutes.  
Take home an individually boxed, full-sized, delicious Shmura Matzah. 

Tuesday, March 12 7:30pm   
The Chai Center 105 St. Paul Street 
$10 at the door

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