Join us for the traditional Eichah (Book of lamentations) reading followed by the film screening of the critically acclaimed masterpiece "PRISONER OF PARADISE"
The film will be projected in HD.

"Prisoner of Paradise" is an Academy Award-nominated
... documentary that tells the story of Kurt Gerron, a beloved and well-known German-Jewish actor, director, and cabaret star in Berlin in the 1920s.
The startling true story of Kurt Gerron who was captured and sent to a concentration camp, where he was ordered to write and direct a pro-Nazi propaganda film. This documentary follows Gerron's career and remarkable odyssey, offering a unique prospective on this extraordinary period.

"Its uniqueness lies in its juxtaposition of happy faces and unhappy realities, of fleeting expressions of art and culture undone by daily brutality. "
Charlotte Observer

"The movie really made me understand on how the Nazi's during that days, really destroy people's heart and mind. many intelligent and creative minds in those days were raped of their root, and forced to comply with Nazi's idea. this film reflect how a genius mind can be crippled to the lowest level. let us learn from this horror, and never to repeat it anymore."
Ino Pattiwael

"This is one story that must be seen to be believed."
Ken Fov TV Guide

8:20 Fast begins, chug Bottled Water
9:00 Eichah Service followed by Film and then Discussion
The Chai Center
105 St. Paul Street