At JCrafts, we believe in learning by doing and learning while having fun.

Our workshops aim to bring the beauty and traditions of the Jewish Holidays to life. Each workshop, presented by a seasoned educator, features experiential hands-on activities exploring the core elements of the Holiday in a truly novel way. A stalk of wheat is transformed into a fresh baked Matzah. Fresh Californian olives burn bright in a Chanukah Menorah. Learn about the origin of the Shofar and make one too!

JCrafts workshops are a great addition to any Hebrew School, Jewish Day School, Camp, Synagogue or Youth Program.

The Model Matzah Bakery is a fun and engaging way for kids (and adults) to learn how matzah is made. Rabbi Dovid is a terrific, energetic leader. His approach to demonstrating and inviting participation is entertaining for kids and adults alike.
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Shofar Factory
runs from
August 11 - September 12

JCrafts Workshops run for the month preceeding the holiday!
"I never enjoyed Hebrew School so much!"
 - A happy student