The Tefillin Project is dedicated to provide Tefillin for every committed Jewish male in Eastern Massachusetts.  If you or someone you know would agree to wrap Tefillin every weekday and needs a pair of Tefillin, we will gladly provide a pair.  

To determine your eligibility:

1. Are you a male, bar mitzvah age or older, and committed to putting on Tefillin every day?

2. Are you looking to own your own pair of Kosher Tefillin

3. Do you find the cost of Tefillin prohibitive?

4. Do you live in Eastern Massachusetts? 

If you've replied "yes" to these questions,
click here to fill out your application



“You have a brain. It is in one world. Your heart is in another. And your hands often end up involved in something completely foreign to both of them. Three diverse machines.

“So you put on tefillin. First thing in the day, you connect your head, your heart and your hand with these leather cables — all to work as one with one intent. And then when you go out to meet the world, all your actions find harmony in a single coordinated purpose…”