In addition to the Tefillin project sponsoring Tefillin, we are also encouraging Bar Mitzvah boys and their families to show the ultimate sign of education to a Bar Mitzvah boy; by gifting a portion of the gifts they receive, they can help someone else celebrate their bar Mitzvah with the Gift of Tefillin.

As it has become popular as of late to gift to the charity of their choice, it is our hope that The Tefillin Project makes it high on the priority list of these important charities.

We also encourage family and friends to give a gift to the Bar Mitzvah boy (similar to sponsoring a tree in israel), by sponsoring a pair of Tefillin in honor of the bar mitzvah boy - a spiritual tree here in the diaspora.

The following is a list of Bar Mitzvah boys who have dedicated a portion of gifts to buy at least one pair of Tefillin:

• Mendel Schwartz - Brookline