Quick Facts


Recommended Age: Preschool - 6th Grade

Duration: 45min - 1hr 

Student Cap: 50 

Take Home: A Hand baked Matzah and a Model Matzah Bakery Hat

Dates: One month before Passover. 

Cost: $300 for initial presentation. $100 for each additional.

Also available at our premises for $250




Passover Matzah tastes better when it’s “home-made.” In this workshop, students:

  • Winnow and separate the chaff from the grain.
  • Collect the grain into a hand-driven wheat mill and grind it into flour.
  • Knead, roll, and bake the dough into handmade matzah within the
    required amount of time.

This workshop is a hands-on, fun learning experience with an animated introduction about Passover. The children pick their very own wheat stalks. They roll, mash, and crush the wheat stalks to separate the kernels from the chaff.  The kernels are placed into special stone grinders and volunteers are chosen to grind the kernels and sift the flour.

The children leave the “field” and enter the Matzah Bakery. They exclaim over the genuine looking walls that surround the special matzah oven, they ooh and aaah over the display of water wells, and mixing booths!

They each receive a special Matzah hat. A volunteer draws water from our makeshift well. The children then mix the flour that they sifted with the water and make their very own Matzah dough. The children take their places by the long tables set for making Matzah. Balls of dough and rolling pins are handed out and the children quickly roll out flat Matzahs, to put in the oven.

The students then gather around a Model Seder Table to learn about the Seder plate, the four cups of wine and more.

Pride and joy are evident on the children’s faces as they watch the Matzah they made from scratch come out of the oven!